The 15/5 Program is an alternative to the 30 Hour Classroom Course..........

Our partner for the 15/5 Program is Safe 2 Drive

The Nevada Revised Statute 389-090, gives you another way to get your 30 hour classroom requirement without sitting in a classroom for half of a semester.

You complete 15 hours of an Internet Course (our partner is Safe 2 Drive) and then 5 hours of behind the wheel training. Cost for 15 hours is $34.95

Every one hour of driving is equal to 3 hours of classroom time.

This is a great way to get the 30 hour requirement in, and get proper behind the wheel training.

Some insurance companies offer discounts for behind the wheel training, and this program might also qualify you for that discount.

The cost of this program is $275.00

Cathy Dillwith Owner/Instructor

Female Instructor - Teaching in Las Vegas since 1999