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Angel M. Cathy was an excellent instructor! I felt completely comfortable in the car with her. I passed the driving test the first time under Cathy's instruction. She is very patient and I love that her car has a break pedal and additional mirrors on her side - just in case. Best prices in Las Vegas!

Anelia W. (Student's Mom) I just wanted to thank you for all you did for Amaya. There is no way she would have scored 100% without you teaching her. Please feel free to give my name and number (must request) to anyone who asks for a reference. I can tell them how you not only taught driving skills but gave her an amazing level of confidence that has allowed her to be a safe driver. Thank you so much, Anelia W. 

Karlie B. Cathy is a great driving instructor she is patient and calm and explains things thoroughly. I have learned from her how to be a defensive driver at all times.

Sara G. This course was great! It gave me the skills to become a confident and safe driver.

Brettani D. I felt very comfortable with Cathy and I was not afraid to ask questions. Great experience! thank you.

Linda B. (Student's Mom) Thank you for all your patience and hard work with Jinay. If it weren't for you we would still be driving around the same school parking lots on weekends. Not only did you take a kid with zero driving experience to driving on busy streets in a few weeks but you continued to build her confidence even when she made mistakes, taught the importance of staying alert and the meaning of defensive driving. As a parent, the fact that you were honest with me and told me how she really did (and didn't try to gloss over anything to spare my feelings) was very important, because then we knew what to focus on in between lessons. I know some parents may not like that but for me if my kid is driving on the street I want to make sure she knows as much as possible. Plus the fact that you went out of your way to let her test in your car and wait with me at the DMV meant a lot to us. I'm not sure who was more nervous you or Jinay.

You are a phenomenal woman with nerves of steel.

Cathy Dillwith Owner/Instructor

Female Instructor - Teaching in Las Vegas since 1999